Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I got to go to an observatory last much fun! It reminded me of something I did when I was little, I think my Dad took me to one down in LA
somewhere, but it also reminded me of when he would put out our pretty massive telescope and show me all of the constellations in the sky...I think my favorite was the Milky Way though...there was something about it. The mass amount of stars put together all for our enjoyment...our pleasure. I am an aspiring artist in so many ways and through this it enables me to relate more to the LORD; it allows me to relate to His creative side...His fun side! I am enjoying the fact that I am taking risks and even if they were dumb risks I still tried, I didn't hold back. A few weeks back I let Satan and my human nature get me down to a place of what I felt was a no recovery zone, but then God in His ways rushed through my life like a wild fire reminding me of my purpose, my reason, my passions...passions mind you that have been built up in me for so long, but for some reason I have been afraid to express to myself or to share with the rest of the world. One of them being my photography. I love this form of art. I enjoy capturing people, moments, objects, seasons, life really. So, a few of my photographs are going up in an art show. Its the first time I am really letting people who I have never met in my life share a part of my passions. The cool thing is that even though I am sharing this bit, I am not so scared anymore. I am not scared if people don't like it or the concept behind why I took what I did; because it is my offering back to the LORD. This is my sweet incense to say thank you. The night I went to the observatory with my friend I got to see Saturn and when I looked through this HUGE telescope the LORD softly reminded me that He was the God of my childhood and my childhood dreams, but He is also LORD of the woman I am becoming and the dreams and passions she is striving for at present. That even though I am unable to grasp the distance between Saturn and me and the rest of the galaxy (s) that surround me He like this space has this much love and blessings to shower me with, so I say, bring on the star showers!