Friday, March 28, 2008


Just missing it a bit more than usual. Enjoy the photos. They were taken all over both islands.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So can I put it out there that I had NO time to watch TV in college and when I occasionally had the time to sit down and watch reruns of Friends or the occasional Gilmore Girls episode I always felt a bit guilty because I knew there were a million other things I needed to be doing. So I blame this pure "enjoyment/introduction" on my Kiwi girlfriends. They ever so kindly introduced me into their culture of television, but also had a wide range of knowledge in regards to American television. I had heard about Grey's Anatomy while at college, I know I walked into a few rooms that had it playing, but knew me and knew that once I started to watch I would be hooked. So I walked away every time. Until moving down South. Every Thursday night girls and the occasional boy would come over to my flat, explain to me all the back history, and then we would watch like a bunch of school girls/boy! I have (to my delight) found others who share in the "excitement" with me since moving back home. I even have a friend who has so kindly allowed me to borrow her seasons just as a "refresher". I am hooked and it's kind of annoying (said with a smile of course). To my Kiwi girls thanks ;) and I miss you.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sweet Moments in the City

These are two shots I took at my lunch...well truth be told it they were shots I took after work, I had the full intention of taking them at lunch, but when I was at this particular spot with my camera in hand the nice little screen pops up reading 'no card'. Being the genius I am, I was trying to load pictures this morning on to my computer and left the card in the holder. Regardless, long back story to the actual pictures. If you were to look behind where I was standing or even a bit to the right you would see city, apartment complexes, traffic, 'land altered'. I have come to appreciate places like this. "Mystery Spots" as I have deemed them. Un-touched nature in the middle of consumed nature. When I was at lunch though, I had spread out a blanket and brought a good book, but in the middle of my getting comfortable moments I heard an ever so faint yet distinct noise, just above the traffic and sirens. It was a choir. I looked to my left and saw just as the hills begin to start there is a little church. A choir radiating above the noise of the city. I would not say I have the best hearing, but I am able to detect music over a lot of things. Even though I struggle with being here, God continually provides moments like this that reminds me of how very present He is in my life and my journey. This being one of my sweeter moments in this city life of mine.

Quality Human Being

So over the past few weeks my human nature has been made ever so clear in my eyes. Now, I would have to say for my life and who I am developing into this is one of the most difficult and humbling lessons to learn. It knocks me from whatever high horse I happen to be sitting upon and to the reality that I still have HEAPS of issues to work on. Several key individuals in my life have pointed out these issues to me and for the last month I have been throwing around these thoughts in my head. Now, because of how human and sinful I am, I have my days where these thoughts do in fact cripple me. But then I have my days where I wake up and I am reminded that I am God's and, yes, I am not going to get it right, say it right, or do it is a slow growth (Ephesians 4:13-16) I take to heart what has been presented to me and where I need to die to self and live in Christ. ARGH! This is such a hard lesson!! But today was one of those days where I woke (in a rush I might add) and time just stopped for a moment as I remembered what today represented for me as a daughter, a daughter of God, and the history in which I come from. All my selfish desires, bad attitudes, demeaning thoughts, accusations, and judgments fell upon one man and not only mine but everyones. Today is a day that I remembered that I am not a quality human being, but there is one who came that was quality and far more than that. And because of His perfection I am forgiven. I am going to get this wrong far more than I am going to get it right, but I am not alone in this journey. I do not have to walk it alone in my own wretchedness. Because of another's sacrifice and willingness to lay down as a lamb to the slaughter I am made new. To those who read this and know me personally, I am sorry. I am so far from where I know I should be. Yet, I live in the hope that where my humanness has caused you a certain level of ache that He, the LORD, would restore.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Question and Answer Time

I have a spot on my wall...actually two spots that I am wanting to fill with something. I am doing the concept in my bedroom that less is more. So here you see my focal piece for the wall, now I have two 11 x14 frames for each side...any suggestions for what I should put in the frames?? I am at a loss creatively of what I should place there. Like I said, any (tasteful) ideas are welcome!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There Is Just Something About Country Music

I rather enjoy Taylor Swift and her music. She is bold. She is clever. She is creative. She is fun. And I enjoy listening to her :)

"Maybe I'm just a girl on a mission...but I'm ready to fly"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I enjoy currently I don't have the resources to make everything from scratch, but I have discovered it is becoming quite theruputic and my coworkers don't seem to mind my new found love. This has been one of my favorite creations to make...doesn't take heaps of time, but the process is fun.

I put on a little bit of this...

and I am good to go!

I am also being encouraged by those around me to start doing something with all the photos I happen to have stored away that are collecting dust :) Here are a few of those creations. (sorry the first picture is so fuzzy...I blame bad lighting!)