Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Anyone ever been at a loss for where they are standing? HA! Who am I kidding?!Of course many of you have. I know I am not supposed to have it together right now and I need more of a chance to debrief this last year; but that will come in due time just by living life here.

Do I stay on the central coast or move yet again? Do I take a chance here and see what comes from the one place in many ways I think I might have been running from. Maybe my great inspiration will come from this place. Possibly the story I have been writing this whole time will conclude here. So many thoughts flying through this little head of mine. So many pieces of wool to lay before the LORD.

Choices and dreams. Dreams and choices. A little while ago I would have asked for writing on the wall, the ground, the sky, anything! But that takes away from the fun of living this life I have been handed. I was talking on the phone with a good friend tonight and I explained that in the world/bubble that we had been living in there has really been no good examples of what this life was supposed to look like and in all honesty that is ok. Because I hope in some way I can be that example; at least a small version of it. I heard it explained several times over this last year that sometimes God calls people with specific purposes, some of those people listen and some do not. For those who do not God calls others and others until someone responds. My blog says it all; I am not perfect, I am quirky, and learning to do the best with what I've got!

By far a much more richer and dramatic firework display than I was expecting!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Topic of Conversation

So over the last three weeks a topic has come out when telling people about this last year. The idea that I left thinking life would stop and I would come back right back to how things were. That was never my mentality. Often Kristin and I talked about how life was going on "without" us and that there were certain life moments that we would not be a part of...things we would miss out...memories we would never have. Another odd element to the mix is that even though life went on here, so did our lives down there. When people tell me stories or events I have an idea or concept of what they are talking about. However, when I start to tell a story I have to give the "background" information before actually telling the story; so that the story can be understood. So my frustration is not that life continued on here (that is exciting!) the frustration is that life went on somewhere else with me in a part of it. I guess this means in time I will have to become a good storyteller!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


She stepped off the plane into the humidity and warmth

Fear filled her heart and then a surge of excitement

A feeling unlike any other

One that could not be explained

The rush of cars

The surge of traffic

All things so familiar and so foreign

Welcome back to the concrete jungle

Far are those true jungles you explored

Far is that land

That land so familiar and now what seems to be so foreign

Beginnings and Stories

So where does one begin when telling their story? I think I heard it once said in a movie you start at the beginning. I guess that would be a good place to start, but then again I am not sure I even know where the beginning is. Maybe somewhere in my freshman year of college, maybe way before that!

I am home. A home that could have not been better picked for me. It suits where I stand and where I need to be. For now.

I am trying to figure out where to begin my story. Until then I will enjoy this season of "simple life".