Thursday, February 28, 2008

Right & Good

Sometimes you just have those days…
Where you know it’s right and good
But the wet becomes frigid
Cuts to the core of you who you are
Stings the deepest pit of you
Leaving you numb and emotionless
Yet beyond the physical and momentary
Deep in the depths of the soul
You know it’s right and good
And for now that is good enough

The Jig

Remind me how this goes
This dance and these steps
You’re thankful for the time
Yet sad to see it go
It’s the dance of freedom
The dance dedicated to new things
The dance attributed to new beginnings
So explain to me how it goes
Because my heart wants to get up and soar
But I can’t help but hold back just a bit more
Maybe I have this need to be the last one standing
To be the strong one
To watch everyone else walk out that door
And then maybe in the shadow of the light that’s left
I’ll get up and dance
Do the jig without the steps
And trust that it’s not the steps that matter
But the dance itself that counts

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Community II

So I started attending a life group. I took my own challenge of community and jumped feet first into being part of an intimate and tight knit group. Now my fears could have only excelled in the area of rejection for the fact that this group has been together for 4 or 5 years now and has a HUGE history together. Yet, I was not alone in the "adventure seeking" of a life group. Three of us made the jump "together" without even knowing each other. What I have experienced and seen in this group leaves me with a strong impression; one of family, humor, passion, adventure, loyalty. I may be one of the "outsiders" but I am not treated as one. I am teased like the rest, listened to when speaking, and to some without even knowing the depths of who I am and my story; I am already cared about. I am still a bit hesitant and its not as though my fears have been entirely wiped away, but I am discovering a peace with this whole true idea of community and excited to see where it leads and what develops from it. We discussed last night that community takes work and it's not easy, but when we make the time and put forth the effort and care for those around us, it is so entirely worth it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


To lose you would break my heart

I've had you this long and now I just want you a little bit more

A little bit more time to fight and laugh about it

A little bit more time to write that book together

It was my prayer throughout grade school

It was my prayer through high school

My prayer through college

My prayer through now

God has been gracious and exceeded my expectations

But my thoughts get lost in the voice of a father's desperation

My heart tears apart at the thought of not hearing your voice

To lose you would break my heart

And I am not prepared for that kind of break

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Passing of the Oaks

In one weeks time I'll make this drive:

Bake one of these beauties with my ever growing baking skills:

And hang out with these amazing people who I cherish dearly:

I wish it was today...

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Love of a Nation

Sometimes it lays so heavily on my heart I wonder what the next real move is...