Tuesday, September 25, 2007


One of my favorite little pieces of Australia :)

Too bad though tickets are booked through the end of the year!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The mystery of surroundings
The similar sounds, but different tones
The dive with little to no reward
The consumption to ease the pain
To ease the bitterness that remains
The bitterness that hangs like water in caves
Caves so cold and dark
With the murk of cold wet dirt
But somewhere beyond the consumption, cold, dark, murk
Up and climbing through the bone chilling water source
And into the light
The climb may not happen tonight
But in due time
Due time and choice
Into the light I will climb

I Heard It Once Said

I heard you were coming
I heard it once said
Through the rain and the storm
The lightening and the hail
It was not said when you would arrive, but that it would be soon
I laughed under my breath
For how impossible the task!
For you to arrive
And arrive like that
After so long and so many storms
That you would just show up
And show up like that?!
Is this a joke?
An incredibly ill timed hoax?
Maybe its the truth...
What could it hurt
Everything in me I think
I throw caution and set my sails free
Hoping you my wind are coming for me
I heard you were coming
I heard it once said