Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Cup

My cup runneth over...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Let Me Get Off

Are we done here yet?
Or is the ride still going?
Is there still more to learn?
Is there still more to see?
I have been on for so long.
My body aches.
My soul thirsts for something new
Are we done?
Are you done?
Am I done?
Let me get off.
And walk by the sea in peace.
With you carrying me...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

To You My Broken Hearted Friend

Dear God...
Be with those who are hurting.
I have known pain that I never thought would leave,
But You have always been faithful to meet the needs of my heart.
Be with those who are close to me, who are hurting and searching.
I am surrounded by some incredible women...jewels in hiding I guess we could call them.
I and others see their, worth, beauty, and "fight" value.
May they believe all that has been prayed over them.
May they believe they are worth the fight.
Thank you God for the blessings they are in my life.
May I one day have the opportunity to share these special and rare blessings.
May I one day be able to receive my own prayer.
In Your Name.

One Starfish in a Sea of Many

I woke up this morning and was sad. I was talking with a friend last night and everything that is about to take place (forgive me, I know umpteenth blog about change and what is to come...but if you keep reading it is your own fault if you are bored:)). We talked about what my last week would look like and a few things I would need her to take care of after I was gone. It began to hurt then, but this morning it was as though someone had thrown a ton of brings on me. I got up and out of bed, went into our dark living room and looked outside our sliding glass door to see that it was a perfectly foggy day. I love these days and then I surveyed the room and how many great conversations and shows I would miss. It hit... that the way I am choosing to do life or start this section of life is so different than many I am around and it made me so sad, because it is a parting of ways. I can hear my Mum even now as I type of my sadness that what I must focus on are things that are right, good, and lovely. I love my Mum no matter what season of life we may be in...I will always love her. But even when trying to focus upon the right, good, and lovely sadness still finds its way to my life. Its normal I know. Sometimes though being that starfish that finds its way to the shore is not always the easiest thing. In the "comfort" section of my life I tend to wish that I could be the starfish at the bottom of the sea on a rock, watching the sea go by, and continue on doing my starfish thing; but I am not that starfish. I am the curious one. The one that wants to take a chance despite everything screaming within her. I am sad, but I know the sadness won't last forever...just as the night comes and goes, so does the sadness; because there are always (LORD willing) new mornings...whether foggy or sunny...always a new one!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


It is in these moments that I truly discover who I am
I discover what I was made of
It is in these moments of vulnerability and honesty that I discover
That everything is going to be ok
These moments remind me that no matter how alone I think I am
I never truly am...
This journey has its purpose and I have been given everything I could need
It has been love, encouragement, forgiveness, and forgetting that has lead me here
Now, I see myself on the edge of a waterfall with God, looking at Him as a daughter does
With affection and gratitude
Ready to jump in and feel what this refreshment feels like
Ready to rest in my choices
Take a risk
And fall into it all

Friday, September 22, 2006

My Own Little Piece of Never Never Land

Sometimes I can not help to think if they were the wrong choices. For the first time in my life that I can remember, my extended family are putting themselves out there, we talk on the phone, we e-mail, we want to spend time with one another...but maybe we all figured this out around the time I made my choice to move. Maybe we all realized just how important we are to each other.

But then again being the thinker I am, they are for me, the best choices I could be making. I have been so nervous what life looks like for Kris and I once we move over there, but I am already getting the chance to talk with people who are so welcoming that I know in time they will begin to be more of my family than they already are now. Regardless of the choices themselves, they have been my choices and I have done the best of my ability to seek God with all my heart in making these choices.

So maybe in some way and fashion this is my last kiss. For so long I have fought the idea of 'growing up'...I have tried to hang onto my 'Peter Pan' story as long as possible, but I think it happened this summer. Somewhere along the road, somewhere along the journey, things changed; I still get to have fun and be that little kid hiding out on, but this is my last kiss to living the life I have been living. A life of consistency, a plan, an outline. This is a whole new ball game, a whole new way of doing life, but the thing is I am ok with it. I am at peace with the choices I have made. I have accepted, embraced, forgiven, and forgotten. Now it is time to let that part of life go and be a part of who I am. A girl on a journey, hoping that in the process she will be able to honor her Maker, and find a few more parts of herself along the way.

*C.D. I never got a chance to really tell you this, but you inspired me and still do to this day. Thank you for being you. You are the one who is amazing.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Coffee Shops

I had the opportunity to sit outside a coffee shop and put down into words my journey before moving out of the country. I take a few times out of each week to sit and do this, to reflect on what is occurring now, what God is showing me in my day to day routine, how I react to the silence of life currently. However it is also a time of accepting God's good and perfect gifts. A discovery I made over the summer was that I am in no way afraid to talk to people...complete strangers in fact. There is something about hearing their story...their life journey...a summed up version at I met a man named Duah (Doo-Ah) he is from South Africa. He was born in South Africa, moved to France in his teenage years, and after college moved to the states. I had seen him walk into the coffee shop, I smiled as he passed by (as I do to most who pass by my little table hidden away in the corner right by the door) and continued to write. 20 minutes later he came back out and mouthed to me that he hoped I would continue to enjoy writing long after school ( I could see how it looked like school work...had a few books out and what not) I removed my headphones and explained to him that I had graduated from university in May and that my writing was for my own pleasure. Fascinated that a young girl would take the time we struck up a conversation.
Close to 2 nights ago I had poured my heart out to God telling him I was so afraid that once moving to NZ that I would not meet anyone and I would be socially awkward...but here he goes showing me with my own life that no matter where I am in the world he is right there with me and meeting people will not be a problem with him by my side.
This piece of tapestry is an example of my summer, I have gotten to travel, meet new people, have new experiences, and discovered more of the God I love...even in moments I believe to be just shades of black and white, God is weaving together such a beautiful tapestry of not just my life, but of his family. Duah was a gift. He was a wonderful encouragement to a simple girl who likes to write. Thankfully NZ has coffee shops, so I don't think the writing will end here.

Monday, September 18, 2006


See, this girl in the mirror does not always have the easiest time looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection that is before her. But if there is one thing that she can see beyond the image before her is the people who surround her and believe in her. She is a girl who is deeply deeply loved for who she is and who she is becoming. She may not always say the right things, do the right things, or act the right way; but those around her know that it is a part of her is a part of how God is choosing to shape her. So even though it is not easy to look back at the reflection it is easy to believe in those that God has placed around her to remind her that she is brave, beautiful, and bold in her own way. The reflection she begins to see is not only hers, but those who have surrounded her in good times and in bad.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Someone's Wish

I had the chance to read someone's wish today. It was one of the most genuine, real, honest wishes I had ever heard before. The moment after reading it I wanted let this person know that it was my wish too. That maybe one day we would find each other and have a wonderful conversation about our wishes, the the life we both desired, and the changes we knew needed to take place for these wishes and dreams to come true. Sometimes I can't help but hope that I could know a little bit more of God's understand and know His timing a bit better. But alas, I am still Heidi Noelle. Daughter of a great big loving God, who in His good and right time will reveal, His good and perfect will. To you my fellow dreamer. You may not know me or ever will, but thank you for putting to words what my dreams really are.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Doing the Best I Can Do, With My Pride Set Aside

The thing is...I am a closure type of person. There is something about me personally that needs closure whenever I walk away from someone or something. Right now in this current state of being I am looking for closure in many different areas and thankfully I serve a God that is more than gracious to give me the closure I seek. My Mum so kindly reminded me today that not everything in life is going to have closure wrapped up in a nice little package as it is currently now for me. Boy do I know! Its just that I feel so stupid sometimes looking for the answers that I am seeking.
It is so hard to have to explain to certain people...especially the people you are looking
to get answers from. But then again my loving Mum reminded me that it is a journey of
humility as well. Sometimes the answers we seek often will cause us to set aside our pride
in order that the answer be discovered. The best part of this though has been, just out right,
walking it with God. It is seeking His council, continually being reminded of His provision,
continually being reminded that no matter how dumb I may look it never hurts to ask.
I explained to my Mum that a part of this excitment also allows me to see something
about this journey before Kristin and I and it is that I truly am going to be able to appreciate
what is before me. There will be nothing behind me that holds me back from seeing what is
right there before me. I read this last week, "The path is before you, not behind. Don't give your future to your past." PJS How often we do this. How often I do it. I go into direct response of believing that my past is going to be like my past may shape my future, but my past
is not my future...what a refreshing thought.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


May it all burn away
May what remain be as it was intended
To be right and pure
One of character and lacking in idleness
May what remain be that which is refined
Burn it away
So that all that remains is what was intended

Monday, September 04, 2006



Friday, September 01, 2006

A Happy Thought

"A friend loveth at all times."
- Proverbs 17:17

Friends Listen to what you dont say
**Samantha Norman**

"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with friendship."
Ralph Waldo Emerson