Monday, September 11, 2006

Doing the Best I Can Do, With My Pride Set Aside

The thing is...I am a closure type of person. There is something about me personally that needs closure whenever I walk away from someone or something. Right now in this current state of being I am looking for closure in many different areas and thankfully I serve a God that is more than gracious to give me the closure I seek. My Mum so kindly reminded me today that not everything in life is going to have closure wrapped up in a nice little package as it is currently now for me. Boy do I know! Its just that I feel so stupid sometimes looking for the answers that I am seeking.
It is so hard to have to explain to certain people...especially the people you are looking
to get answers from. But then again my loving Mum reminded me that it is a journey of
humility as well. Sometimes the answers we seek often will cause us to set aside our pride
in order that the answer be discovered. The best part of this though has been, just out right,
walking it with God. It is seeking His council, continually being reminded of His provision,
continually being reminded that no matter how dumb I may look it never hurts to ask.
I explained to my Mum that a part of this excitment also allows me to see something
about this journey before Kristin and I and it is that I truly am going to be able to appreciate
what is before me. There will be nothing behind me that holds me back from seeing what is
right there before me. I read this last week, "The path is before you, not behind. Don't give your future to your past." PJS How often we do this. How often I do it. I go into direct response of believing that my past is going to be like my past may shape my future, but my past
is not my future...what a refreshing thought.

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