Saturday, October 23, 2010

It Really is a Small World

There really is no better way to put it than that. It is a small world.

So Graeme called me up the other night and told me this wild story, but before I share his story let me explain my portion of the story.

When Kristin and I moved to New Zealand in 2006 it took some work getting us there and even figuring out where were were going to live. By choices made in life I had made friends with one of the staff members at Vanguard named Amber, who had a sister who married a Kiwi and was currently living down there. So she gave me Jen's information and Jen and I emailed a bit back and forth. Our e-mails consisted of her telling me about parts of New Zealand and which cities she said would be best to be based out of. She was however partial to Wellington (which is where her and her husband were living). After a few more e-mail exchanges and discussing it with Kristin we decided Wellington was going to be the best fit.

Jen and I, I should mention have never met. She and her husband moved over to Asia right before or after Kristin and I got there and then when she and her husband would come back to New Zealand to visit it was always around the time a time that I was away or traveling.

Because of Jen, I ended up getting connected with a woman named Kellee, who connected me with our soon to be flat mates, who connected me with Arise, where it so happened that I met Graeme.

Now, back to Graeme's story. He was at church sitting on his own and midway through service at some point after finishing a song, the woman next to him leaned over and told him he had a nice singing voice. He said thank you and commented on her American accent. They got into a conversation about he was marrying an American and moving to the states. California to be exact. She said she was from California and he asked what part. She said Costa Mesa. He told her he was moving to Costa Mesa! Come to find out he was sitting next to Jen! The woman that had encouraged my choice of moving to Wellington, the simple act that allowed me to meet some incredible people, one of whom is about to become my husband. In their conversation they were able to make the connections that I was the girl that she had helped out a few years back. And here they sat, two strangers connected by some girl back in California.

It was a big deal to Graeme, but it was an even bigger deal to me. I know these things happen, but they don't happen everyday. It was as though my past and future were colliding and I couldn't be there to witness it.

Jen, I know you will probably never read this. But thank you for your simple act as a stranger. Your simple kindness has truly changed my life for the better.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Can't Sleep...

So the nights when I can't sleep (we'll use tonight as an example) I pull out one of my favorite childhood classics and somehow it has this calming effect and I go straight to sleep. Whether it was because my Mum read to me almost every night when I was a child or just the very act of reading and having to focus on something helps my mind slow down, I am not sure. I have to say though, I find this to be a much better route than counting sheep :)


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Hand of God

God will never cease to amaze in how He chooses to operate and work. I had someone that I loved very much on my heart about a month ago and I decided to write them a letter I would never send. So in fact it was more of a prayer written in a letter fashion and I just discovered tonight that five days after writing it, each of my specific prayers were being answered in this person's life.

God is big. He is much bigger than I give Him credit for...the credit and honor He deserves. He gets my attention and ultimately demands it in great times of need. No matter how stubborn I may be at certain moments it is that kind of authority that I can not deny to pay attention to.

I am still amazed when I read over my words and my dear one's words. When we truly love I find that God enters in with such a force and such a rush that you can not helped but be knocked down a bit. Now, if I could only do this with all of my relationships. Something to work on. Something to make room for in my life. 

This was a sweet reminder as I walk into a season of great uncertainty that God knows. He will place me on people's hearts who may perhaps spend everyday with me or those who haven't seen me in years. I know He has it covered and I trust Him with that covering.