Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Hand of God

God will never cease to amaze in how He chooses to operate and work. I had someone that I loved very much on my heart about a month ago and I decided to write them a letter I would never send. So in fact it was more of a prayer written in a letter fashion and I just discovered tonight that five days after writing it, each of my specific prayers were being answered in this person's life.

God is big. He is much bigger than I give Him credit for...the credit and honor He deserves. He gets my attention and ultimately demands it in great times of need. No matter how stubborn I may be at certain moments it is that kind of authority that I can not deny to pay attention to.

I am still amazed when I read over my words and my dear one's words. When we truly love I find that God enters in with such a force and such a rush that you can not helped but be knocked down a bit. Now, if I could only do this with all of my relationships. Something to work on. Something to make room for in my life. 

This was a sweet reminder as I walk into a season of great uncertainty that God knows. He will place me on people's hearts who may perhaps spend everyday with me or those who haven't seen me in years. I know He has it covered and I trust Him with that covering.

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