Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Local Travels

Grae and I have some major set goals for us financially for us over this next year, so it has caused us to be creative about taking time away from Orange County. So a couple of weeks ago we had the chance to go up to Santa Barbara. This was a duo purpose trip with getting a chance to see my parents while showing around some of Graeme's friends who were visiting from Australia. 

We drove up the coast to Santa Barbara and this is a place that I have spent a ton of time in especially with one of my best friends having lived there for several years. Every time I had the excuse to stay with her for a couple of days I took it. The Santa Barbara I knew with Rachel was the home-grown, little secret hangouts, the Santa Barbara away from the beach. The Santa Barbara we got to experience was a bit more of the touristy State Street part, which had its own fun parts to it. 

We had lunch at a cafe right on the beach (literally our table was on the beach) with seagulls snatching up the lady's sandwich right next to us! After lunch we explored State Street, walking down the pier and looking through all the little shops that reside at the end of the pier. Graeme and I then went and explored a couple of the hotels just for the fun of it, because who knows when we'll be coming back and want to stay a few extra days!