Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ending Well and Starting Well

Leaving one incredible land for another incredible place. I am still not perfect. In no way do I have it together. But I became a bit more adventurous, relaxed a bit, and learned to trust the LORD in a whole new way! My time here I believe is ending well and what I am walking into I believe will be a good start.

New Zealand as a whole has taught me so much. This is something that could never be replaced. I am glad I took the risk and I am glad I am coming "home".

Kia Ora Land of the Long White Cloud

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Windy Roads of the South

There are no words to describe how I am left in awe of this country that I have been living in this past year. As Kristin and I drive around in our (affectionately known as Stella) car, we sit in silence and just stare out onto everything that is before us. The view that you are currently looking at is the place we have been staying at the last two nights, Wanaka. Its a quite little town situated on the lake with an amazing view of the bluffs. It is the kind of place that I would love to hang a hammock between the willow trees that line the lake and read away my day!

Kristin and I are doing a lot of recalling these days, as Stella is a super special car with limited radio and no other form of sound, so silence and conversing is what we do :) God has done so much for us and within us over this year that leaving is a bit unsettling, but as we have realized, the people we have made our lives with over this year are going on, the lives of those we left behind last year are going on, and our lives continue to go on. Even though we feel a bit of a stand still we know we are moving forward. I don't have it all together (go figure!) and don't ever plan on "having it together" but I am at peace with moving forward, making steps of faith and trusting that these steps will only lead me closer to the God I love, and being a part of my greatest journey...

Lots of thoughts...not all coming out the best tonight. But there you have it...a simple girl's thoughts on a cold spring night on a small little island down in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sweet Dreams.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Sydney is a city like so many cities I have traveled through before. What makes the difference is having friends to share the experiences with. Kristin and I have been so fortunate to have our friend Will along for the ride and his sense of humor and love of life and people adds so much to this place. We have done several of the touristy things...toured the Opera House, ridden a ferry to Manly beach, walked all over the place, and tomorrow Kristin and I are going on an all day excursion around beaches and bays, should be a lot of fun!
We have had several chances to talk about our travels; long term and short term. The reality of traveling for me is that I love it regardless of the circumstances. I may not always like living out of a bag, but the life skills that I gain from it, the people that I get to meet and hear their stories...nothing replaces that for me. I am so fortunate to being doing this. I am so blessed that this is the life that I get to lead. I am blessed for this season and hopefully many more to come. Sydney is beautiful and warm in its own way, but I am glad that we get to return to New Zealand before coming home. It just wouldn't seem right to return home from any other place in the world after this incredible year. Well off to have a few more adventures before the sun sets...Hope all is well with you wherever you are in the world.


It would be you Boy

Scrub away some of the edges

The little rough and tarnished edges

And there you would be

Holding on right beside me

You have been taken

And I have been abandoned

A small talk here

A little gesture

The smallest form of pleasure

But come so many hours

It will all fade away

So today I'll behave

I won't stare at your hand

Or the sultry way you stand

I will look into your eyes

For the first time I know they won't lie

I'll say goodbye

And tell you I will be seeing you

I'll turn and walk away

Hoping you will tell me to stay

But my head and heart both know

You will never be my beau

Friday, October 05, 2007


I am going now
Not sure where I will end up
Maybe down
Or possibly up
I am taking off in flight
With the future ever so bright
I am loved
I am learning
I am taking moments
Enjoying the adventure
I am going now
Not sure where I will end up

Dear E

Dear E

This isn't goodbye, just see you real soon. Maybe soon in my kitchen making a HUGE Italian feast with my Mum! Maybe soon in your kitchen baking muffins for a moose we have yet to meet (do they have moose in NZ?) :)

E what you give and have given is enough, your presence, your time, your energy into my own life, you have inspired me! Even though it may feel so many kilometers away you will always be close. In my head I'll laugh at some funny new story I want to share or a joke I just learned! But also in my heart when joyous moments begin to happen in these (yet again!) new steps I take. I take you with me. You my dear-E will never be forgotten.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Dear K,

Thank you for making me laugh

Thank you for making me feel so beautiful

Thank you for inviting me on adventures

Thank you for letting me share special moments in your year

Thank you for sharing with me

Thank you for not judging my stalker moments ;)

Thank you for encouraging the funny side in me

Thank you for making time for me

Thank you