Friday, September 15, 2006

Someone's Wish

I had the chance to read someone's wish today. It was one of the most genuine, real, honest wishes I had ever heard before. The moment after reading it I wanted let this person know that it was my wish too. That maybe one day we would find each other and have a wonderful conversation about our wishes, the the life we both desired, and the changes we knew needed to take place for these wishes and dreams to come true. Sometimes I can't help but hope that I could know a little bit more of God's understand and know His timing a bit better. But alas, I am still Heidi Noelle. Daughter of a great big loving God, who in His good and right time will reveal, His good and perfect will. To you my fellow dreamer. You may not know me or ever will, but thank you for putting to words what my dreams really are.

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