Friday, December 28, 2007

The Hope Filled Romantic in Me

I am a hopeless romantic or so I have been told. However, I would really like to know where the term "Hopeless" came into it. I don't think I am hopeless, nor is the life I am walking into. I believe it to be one filled with hope and so much more. I would say though as a "writer in the making" I do enjoy seeing what others have to put out there on the subject of love. I am no pro at the subject and don't claim to be (as several of you might know...) Now, the writing in this film may have not been the best but there was something about it that made me smile, get frustrated, laugh, and cry a bit. Like I said before, I am no pro on the subject of love, but love has surrounded my life in many ways. Hearing about my Mum's first husband and loosing him in death, witnessing over 30 years of love between my Aunt and Uncle, my friends and the loves they have met along the way, to the unconditional love of my Savior. I think at one point in time I can say that I have even loved to a certain extent and learning that love sometimes means letting go even when you feel as though you might die inside from this release. I guess that is where I related the most to this film. I know I have yet to be married and therefore have yet to loose my spouse in the way that Holly did. But to love in such a strong way and then have it be parted from you, it changes you. It changed me. I grew up and moved forward however unpleasant it felt at the time; I look back with fond memories of where I went and now where I am going. I wish in "movie world" I could be like Holly and know exactly what I should be doing. But like everything else in my life that will come with time.


Anonymous said...

"love is patient" - Friend

Jon V. said...

Well thanks for ruining the movie. Gosh.