Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Florida, ice bars, and hurricanes

Yet another successful work trip completed. I have to say this one by far was one of the more interesting ones. Being that I had never been to Florida for one so I had no idea what to expect and along the way met so many interesting people including a guy on the plane from Texas to Florida were we discussed hurricane seasons and when they were and how long they lasted. He assured me that their hurricane season was over, but something in my gut didn't quite believe that. Yet, low and behold our second day in I see on the news that there was a hurricane off the coast of Florida. Sometimes my gut instinct really freaks me out :)

My company along with another company sponsored an event at an ice bar which truly turned out to be memorable. Over the last few years I had talked with a couple friends how it would be fun to experience an ice bar; but really what I found out was it is pretty cold and you don't feel like staying in long. :)

I enjoy going on these trips (most of the time) gets me a little time out of the office, stretches my ability to be a quick thinker, and allows me to do something I genuinely love...meeting all sorts of people who come from all types of different backgrounds. Thanks to you my first trip to Florida was one to remember and thanks to you "Ida the Hurricane" for staying out at sea while I made my way back home to California!


glovesjesus2008 said...

What part of Florida did you visit? I'm in Tampa. :)

.heidi.noelle. said...

I was in Orlando :)