Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I think that I have to have at least one of these entries once a year...or maybe a couple times a year. This has been a year of great change around me...not so much for myself, but for those that have surrounded my life for many years now. As of the new year approaching three of my dearest friends will have moved out of the state and on to new sections in their lives. I think that when I see these changes taking place for those that surround my life it makes me wonder if I am next or maybe I need to start looking towards moving on and away from this place that I know in its own way has become my own comfort zone?

Who would have thought Orange County would have become that for me? I can recall eight years ago that, that statement couldn't be anything farther from the truth...but it is amazing what a little time will do.

Change can be hard. The passing of seasons and the patience to get through them can be hard. I used to think that when these seasons came around that I was the one being left behind in all of it, I don't think that so much anymore, but more focus on the element of what direction am I supposed to be heading towards if all of these changes are happening around me. I guess time will always does.

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