Saturday, May 29, 2010

Looking Back at My Roots

April 29th, 2010

Whether it has been conversations at work, talking with friends, or Grae, I can't really pin point what has been making me think about my extended family and our history so much, but lately I have found where I come from to be so fascinating. On my Dad's side I am the second generation from a family that came from Italy. It makes me wonder that if a great grandparent had made another choice and decided to not move to America I probably wouldn't be here. My Mum's side comes from the South and originally from France.

In the picture below I am holding each set of grandparents wedding photos. I love looking at them just for the fact that they didn't get married in the same decade so their weddings have a true different time essence to them. I love looking at them and wondering what all of them were like and how we would have interacted had all of them been alive in my adult years. 

Out of the photos I only have the grandfather on the right in my life today. He is getting older and has remarried so the topic of my grandmother doesn't come up very much, if any, but every now and again I will ask him questions and I love the responses...mainly that he thinks she and I would have been great friends.

I think we would have too. 

It is in these years of my life where I miss them so much and have discovered a true appreciation for them and their stories in this life.


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