Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Living in a Season Filled with Love

I started my new year on Orange Ave and here I sit 7 months later in my new home just a few blocks from where the "party" began, filled with so much anticipation for what the next 7 months hold. 

My start to 2010 brought 2 weeks of house sitting with one of the largest dogs I have ever seen in my entire life. An adventure to spend some time with the boy and friends down in New Zealand. A move away from a house I truly enjoyed living in for 2 years. A move to a place that reminded me of home. 3 different bosses. 1 childhood friend's wedding. 1 college friend's wedding. Now back to the place I started my Southern California journey 8 years ago. 

Having had some time to process all of these mini adventures packed into a short 7 months, I can only imagine what the next 7 months will hold. But I know it will be filled with loads of love, more piano playing (as seen below), great meals with wonderful friends, and a few surprises along the way I am sure.



Emil said...

love your reflections and love you :)

Bean said...

That's a whole lot of life and a whole lot of change you've managed to squeeze into a few short days/weeks/months/years. I think you've managed to navigate through it and be in the moment quite graciously (even though you don't believe this about yourself). I am excited to see what the next chapter brings. :)