Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Tiger's Wife

Another book club month has come and gone. It was my pick this time around and I chose The Tiger's Wife. It was a book that kept coming up in articles I had been reading and every time I walked into a book store the cover just caught my eye (way to go art direction team). I had nothing but pure excitement to jump into this book and get into the adventure it promised me it would be. Sadly, I had so many false starts to getting into the journey.

I will say, like most of the critics, that Téa Obreht is an amazing writer when it comes to her details, but sometimes I believe too many details can make a great story so confusing that you lose your readers interest. The basis of the book spans over a period of about two days, but in these two days there are several (and by several I mean five) other stories happening. I found myself skipping parts, just so I could read more about the story I was interested in and in the end it didn't really matter because there was no final closure to practically any of the stories.

What I did respect about the book was that, Tea gets to you think about death and life, relationships and the way we treat others. I was sad that this book didn't meet my grand expectations, but it did for her and as an author I believe that is one of the most important things; that you finish what you set out to and you finish it in a manner that you are satisfied with, no matter what others may think.


Nannette Ricaforte said...

Oh, bummer. I was going to check it out at the library! Thanks for reviewing this. I felt the same with Jennifer Egan's "A Visit From The Goon Squad". It was highly touted and there was no closure. Oh well!

.heidi.noelle. said...

Haha! Good to know about Goon Squad, because I was going to try that one next! :) Guess we helped each other out on this one Nan!

Bean said...

At least you finished it! I couldn't get through it. :( I agree though--I like her descriptions but couldn't follow the story, so I gave up. Oh well. :(