Thursday, November 09, 2006

Details of My Heart

You know my heart so well
You truly do read the detailed lines between my prayers
You see even in my lowest of moments and speak right to them
I am left in amazement
I am left in amazement by You
You take my fear and turn it into Your light to lead the way
You pour out your delight upon me
You speak blessing and peace over me
You reassure me with your love
You steady me with Your Word
You whisper Your presence over my life
You took me from one place and planted me in another
You asked me to come and so I have
You asked me to trust and daily I learn
I am willing
At this moment in time I have nothing to lose
Trusting You with the time
And trusting that You will return sooner than later
Thank you for bringing me here
Thank you for being the one to wipe away my tears
Thank you for being the one to bring the biggest smile to my face
Thank you that I get this chance
Thank you that you knew my heart and its details so well

1 comment:

carrie said...

this is so beautiful. you are so beautiful. i'm sorry i didn't get to say goodbye. :( I shall join you on that side of the Pacific soon!