Sunday, December 31, 2006


It was a night filled with fog. A night so filled with fog that even with your hand stretched out you were unable to see the tips of your fingers. It scared her. It scared her to not be able to see in front of her. But she kept going forward. She kept trusting that the end would result in
discovering the truth. The truth about herself.
The truth about life. And the end to all lies that
she had ever believed. She called out. She called
out from the bottom of her heart to be met half way, to find the complete clearing in the midst of this walk, in the midst of all the fog that surrounded her life. After her plea her foot stumbled upon something. She bent down and felt around to the discovery of a candle. To her relief she picked it up and noticed a lighter next to the candle. She lit the candle, dropped the lighter, and kept going forward. She held it up to lead her way. Even though she may have not been met physically half way, she knew she had been met. She knew that someone was listening. Someone trusted her enough to give her this journey. Someone believed in her more than she believed in herself, especially in these moments of fog. She took that belief and wrapped it around herself. She took it like she took her blankie when she was a child; tucked it in close like a cloak and kept feeling for the path before her. Even though its foggy presence she wasn't so scared or alone anymore.

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you need to publish your stuff Friend.

Love you.