Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Culture Collision

Most of you know I enjoy movies. When living in California I more than likely always used to go to movies with people. It was the experience of seeing it with others that made it so enjoyable. I loved the the odd occasion when a few of us would go into a theatre only to find that we were the only ones there. Living in New Zealand I find that I more often go to the movies on my own. At first it felt a bit strange, but I got over that. It became a way to relax and wind down. I have a few individuals I go see movies with and again I am put back to my experiences back home that going with people is a true have people to discuss the movie with, talk to throughout it (not that I am one of those people:)), some one to be scared with or excited with. Movie experiences here and in California will never be the same to me, but I find both enjoyable for different reasons. I do suggest that theatres back home would upscale a bit like the theatres here. My Dad would be scolding me for how often I have gone to the movies here:) but it is nothing like home...movies are my retreat, my treat to myself, and a little reminder of home with a splash of New Zealand added to it. I rather enjoy it when both worlds collide.

*It would have been nice to have had company for this

film however. I kept wanting to grab the man's arm

next to me:) Didn't think he would have appreciated

that too much!


Anonymous said...

you do to talk in the movies. or maybe i do :)

movie date soon?


.heidi said...

you do ;)


The Booters said...

how did i now know that you love movies...i too am a movie *ahem* and you are right there is nothing better than watching a movie for the first with close friends and loved ones.

~S~~~~~ said...

i can't wait to see a movie with you. i do know both joys...the joys of seeing it alone and the joys of seeing it with your closest friends. have you bought any new movies? i have, but not as many as i would be proud! love you

The Booters said...

well i was thinking more "whore" sorry. i have been cursed with having to watch movies. even movies i know i won't like, i watch them. and then when i am watching them and i don't like them, i am glued watching it just so i know what happens. it is terrible. My addiction

The Booters said...

p.s. say hell to canada for us, we miss you guys!!