Thursday, April 24, 2008

Music and Lemons

Music has always played a part in our relationship. It was something that came even with our first genuine interaction. One particular genre that always stuck around was country. It fits that it would be a part of the beginning and a part of the closing. It sounds so stange, but I felt like I was standing on top of a diving board looking down at the water a bit scared to jump, but because it was you I was willing to jump, but still something in me wouldn't release. What you gave over was allowing me instead of jumping to climb down and off the board. With my whole heart I thank you. I am just not to that point of that section of my journey and as much as I wanted it to be; I knew. Just as you knew the moment that tune played. I have been released and I thank God for releasing you. Go in peace and I pray when she walks into your life that you love her completely and beyond the extent that you so kindly showed me. You aren't a lemon (at all) and will never be remembered as one.

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