Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hard Times

So currently my Facebook status is set as "Heidi is still wondering". And many people have asked what is it that I am wondering about. And what I am wondering is, just about life in general. I am wondering about cancer that is consuming people I know. Tragic deaths and heart break. Loneliness. Politics. World power. Revelation. History. These are just a few of the thoughts running through my mind at the present moment. I know hard times have always been around, but as we sat around a living room the other night, my girl friends and I discussed how life used to be so much more "simple". All these elements were there, but there has been a level of complexity that has been added to the mix. Whenever I begin to think about these topics. I feel as though I am standing in the middle of an intersection knowing full well that life isn't going to "slow down" as I try to understand them a bit more; but sometimes I am given an empty intersection. It's still an intersection that represents a way for life to quickly pass by, but this empty intersection enables me to think through it and not rush through it. Life is interesting to me and as I keep living it out I think on that thought...that this crazy life is so incredibly interesting.

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