Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dear Gray

Dear Gray,
There is so much that could be placed here. SO many jokes I could relay into the world of blogging, but I don't think anyone else would think they are as funny as we do.
Thank you for being this unexpected friend that showed up at an airport and truly left me speechless just by that act. Thank you for listening to my dreams and my fears. Not many people are willing to invest as you have and even though it seems like light years separate the communication it means a lot to me to be able to have you around.
You are brave and so smart. Don't give up and don't lose hope. You have some of the most amazing goals and desires stored away that I know the LORD sees and wants to honor. You, my gray, friend have made so many sacrifices to stand up for what you believe and for those you believe in. I cherish each and every message, each and every question, and each and every random thought. So on that note...black and white photos or color photos? :)

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Dust Creative said...

Maybe i should leave a comment on the blog about me. Haha.