Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In the Works

I am in the works. To the best of my head and heart knowledge this is the best way to describe where I am in life. For so long I have been looking to others to be somewhat of my road map, my North Star; something to focus on and help make sense of where I am and where I am going. The hard reality of doing this is that at some point there won't be anyone to look to. I think that point has finally arrived; it arrived about a year ago but I just was not willing to admit it. There is no one person to look at in life and go, "their life looks a little bit like mine, so maybe if I do this, this, and this I will get to where they are or have the things they have." I know I was just kidding myself every single time I chose to do this, but I couldn't help it. Freestyle is not my best style, but it is going to have to become a better style within me than it has been. So here is to the freestyler in me:

*Take an Italian class
*Try a real yoga class
*Publish one of my short stories
*Attempt a Thanksgiving dinner on my own
*Take a trip by myself
*Work in our garden come spring time

These are things I just want to try for me and not because of anyone else.


Dust Creative said...

You go mate :)
Words fall short of how to explain myself, or maybe its sleep deprivation.
Totally the right thing to do

Nannette said...

Good for you! That's the best thing to do and you will love the person that you find in yourself!