Friday, December 05, 2008


I think often some of my best writing happens at night in my dreams. I come up with the most witty comebacks, most expressive poems, and I am the most raw and open me. I don't hold back and I am not afraid of what others may think of my words.

I wrote a really good poem in my dream the other night. I remember the feeling attached to it when I woke up, a feeling of satisfaction too bad though I couldn't remember the exact words once I woke up. That part always seems to be the disheartening part. That I am actually quite good at something in my dreams, but the reality is a bit disappointing when I wake up. I wonder why God created dreaming. I think when I arrive in heaven it will be one of my top 10 questions to ask Him (not that it will really matters at that point in time, but for now I like to think it does). "How does dreaming actually work and what was your intention behind it?" Yup, definitely in my top 10.

The poem, I do remember was about a boy I haven't seen in ages. I wondered how he was doing and what he was doing. I told him I cared about him, because our last conversation really made me come across as one who did not. The words were just right and made the most expressive picture. I guess I just have to keep trying to make it a reality and not a dream.

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Dust Creative said...

I know how you feel! In your dreams things are so much more coherant. I think we can find real creativity in our dreams. And maybe because we seem to see a better version of ourself that is why they are called dreams, so we can dream and see and strive toward that image