Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things of Importance, Things of the Past

Redemption finds its funny way into my life. I remember back at the beginning of college I had grown my hair out super long and loved it. Then at some point in my junior year I decided to chop it off. I held a lot of value in my hair and to part with it was not easy and therefore I had to do it stages. My hair carried not only worth, but in my eyes memories, compliments, things I held dear and I knew for my sake and for the sake of growing up and moving forward in life I needed a fresh start. So off went the hair. Over the last few years it has grown back out, but in some ways it didn't hold the same value it once had. So that is why it was easy when one of my bosses told me she had breast cancer and would soon have to cut her hair and ultimately shave her head to be fitted for a wig that I decided to donate again but not because I needed a fresh start, but I wanted her to know she wasn't alone. Even though she may be older in years than me she resembles how I was in those first few years of college. She hides behind the beauty that her hair brings her, but truly, with or without the hair she is gorgeous. She is a beautiful mother of two who has a love for life and is a fighter. I know over these next few months and years it will be rough and I know she is going to have to fight in a way that she has never before. She has brought a great reminder into my life of how short time can be and how I better live each day being purpose filled and living in a way that gives back. I find it interesting how fear tends to make us funny, as in lets tell jokes and maybe that will ease the fear; and that is her. But over these last few days I have watched her break in ways that allows love to sweep in and remind her that she is never alone. Here is to you my brave, wonderful, and beautiful friend.

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:) Can you sense all of the emotion behind that smiley face? I hope so.