Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This was a photo I happened to glance at about a month ago while going through old scrap books I had put together back in Junior High and High School. As strange as they may look to an outsider I had many laughs going through these old books of mine. Seeing friends I haven't seen in ages. Sports clippings of teams I played on. Many memories collected in them. And there against a piece of purple paper laid this picture. Growing up like most young girls I had my infatuations. My father thought me out of my mind to post Leonardo DiCaprio on my ceiling right beside N'Sync. However all of them ended up in a rubbish bin at some stage, but here in my memory books was a picture of Heath. Maybe it was the idea that he was foreign and I knew it was nothing more than a mere infatuation. Though I did not know him it leaves me with a sense that another small part of my innocence, my childhood has been chipped away. It's a reminder that we don't live forever, no matter who we are. Thank you for being a part of several wonderful memories growing up, thank you for being the topic of conversation every now again, thank you for making this once fourteen year old girl blush, just by the sound of your accent.

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