Friday, January 18, 2008


It was the idea that got to her. The idea that maybe they could be friends again. They could talk and catch up on the last four years of their lives and all that they had been doing with their time. What they had been seeing through this raw real world. This was her thought as she stood on the cold pavement, barefoot, staring at someone who without knowing it, reminded her of this one person she had been trying to shake for so long. It wasn't as though this person was the air she needed to breathe. She was way passed that feeling or raw emotion. She just stood their looking at this man with flash backs of memories, memories long forgotten. Somersaults in parking lots, naps on the beach, car rides and getting lost on purpose. And the memory of the ending collapsed upon her. That, oh so strange and slightly denting memory of rejection and outcast. She remembered then why this idea was pretty impossible from where she was standing. Then came a wave of understanding for it all. That she had to let them go...she had to let them all go their own way. Each and every memory, held to each and every situation. Every conversation, every look, every random moment of flirtation that excited the senses. They didn't belong to her anymore. They didn't belong to her if she wanted the door to open to all new experiences and adventures. They were not hers to hold on to if this was the life she was really wanting. So returning back to earth, thoughts clearly in place. She hugged her friend with all her might and made her way to the car. Leaning up against the car she slid down the side and laid against that cold black pavement. Looking up into the sky she saw Orion's belt and smiled, being reminded that even in the craziness and chaos of city and life there is always something to smile about.

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