Thursday, May 07, 2009

Las Vegas

Las Vegas; it has a mind all of its own, but even in the craziness of this city I was able to have some great moments. I think one of my favorites was the last night of our business trip. We went to the Stratosphere and had dinner at the very top. It was an incredible view that gave you a whole look at the city throughout your entire dinner. Pretty cool concept if you ask me.

After these two weeks of constant travel it is nice to be back home for a few weeks, but I must say it was a welcome distraction. I have had a lot on my mind this past month and a half and my thoughts have only increased. I am a thinker by nature, always have been and probably will continue to be. So thankfully I have company coming for two weeks and another work trip down to San Diego...I am kind of banking on these distractions just so my brain can get a break from all the thinking and over-thinking that I do especially since I have gotten home!

Well off to bed, where I actually just might get some sleep; after trying to sleep in a city that surely does not sleep.

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