Saturday, May 16, 2009

Newport 61

One of my sweeter spots in Orange County. I used to go here every Wednesday after class my sophomore year of college. It was nice to revisit the stretch of beach as I have found other beaches more centrally located to where I live, but still nice to go back to a place that I have so many wonderful memories at. Photo shoots for friends, quite times with God, conversations with friends where we challenged life and each other, a place where I could be myself, a place where we tried breaking the rules by staying past 10pm while hiding under a blanket as the coast police passed by, and a place where I grew up a bit. It is quite nice to go back to certain places only remembering the good.

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Anonymous said...

So just so you know I can continuing follow your blogs even in the big sandbox. How fun. helps pass the time for sure. Hope you are doing well and Ill catch you later. O and i can access my hotmail over here too. Catch you later. Miss you KEvin