Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two Worlds

As of late I can't seem to get over how I don't quite feel myself. Lately I feel as though I am catching myself having these out of body moments where I look back on myself and wonder who that girl is. There are parts of her that I cherish dearly and there are parts of her that I don't even recognize. Given I feel as though my life has been flipped upside down the last 3 months; with two house guests from New Zealand (which was lovely) and then traveling more with work I think a part of myself got a bit lost in all the shuffle. Mentally I feel exhausted and not quite sure I can keep up, but I know I will. Somehow through all of this I will find that quiet and still place. That place where I can hear the silent whisper of a voice that brings a sense of peace and restoration to a soul unlike anything else. It is in between these two worlds where I truly wish to exist one day forever.

*picture courtesy of woot

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