Saturday, August 08, 2009

Summer Where Have You Gone?

I guess I could look at every season as my summer season, but there is something so special about the months of June through August and as we enter into August I find myself slightly saddened that this summer has so quickly passed me by.

Of course I have had a few fun adventures along the way and a great few late nights, but they really don't compare to the summer days of my childhood and adolescence. The never ending day in the pool or at the beach. Super late night movies at the theater when I could sleep in to my hearts content the very next day. I have to say though, I am grateful I appreciated each and every summer season I was given while growing up.

Well off to take advantage of one of those late summer nights with Friend...ok maybe it won't be late late, but still getting time to hang out with her summer season or not is always an adventure in and of itself!

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