Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Goodbyes Are Often a Part of the Process

Over these last two weeks I have been placed at these weird and slightly strange intersections. I am fairly confidant that I know the direction in which I am going and where God is leading. However I can not help but think that there have been these places in the road that could offer a possible distraction from the direction in which I am headed.

All of these instances have brought a level of closure in there own way. A way of saying goodbye in the right way and the not the hurtful way. Allowing certain people to let go of you in the only ways they know how. Watching others just simply move on in life and away from my path.

It hasn't been easy mind you. Certain instances have struck a cord within my heart that I feel echos throughout all of who I am and even shakes the core of who I am becoming. But then I keep going. I keep moving forward on my own path. Towards the things I know to be right, true, and so very important for this story that God is carving out of my life.

Goodbyes can be rough. Goodbyes can be sweet. Goodbyes can be, well, just see you later. I have had a little bit of each it seems. Each that only propels me farther on.

Godspeed dear ones. Thank you for everything.


Beth McDermott said...

where ya goin?

ironically i am reading this on the eve of carly leaving us to move to washington state. *sobs*

Nancy said...

Where are you going? Some times I do not know where I am heading.

.heidi.noelle. said...

You know as I re-read this entry I can see how it can be taken as I am going somewhere :) But I am not leaving at least the blogging world yet :) Just saying goodbye to some old relationships and people that have been a part of my life.

Anonymous said...

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